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School Policies are put in place to improve transparency, eliminate confusion, enforce uniform standards across the board, and ensure consistent quality of customer service. You are our priority, and we look forward to delivering the best possible educational experience for you!


  • Tuition for the full month must be paid on or before the 21st day of the prior month in advance to secure lesson time slots for all weeks in a month, regardless of the number of lessons the student shall attend. Tuition is not adjusted, credited, carried forward, transferred, or refunded due to student cancellation, absence, withdrawal, or for any reason.
  • Neither a refund nor a financial credit is offered due to teacher cancellation when the School provides a substitute teacher for the original schedule. However, the School reserves the right to offer makeup in place of the lesson by a substitute teacher, when requested by the student, subject to approval and availability.
  • Monthly invoices are distributed by email on or before 12th of each month and tuition for next month is due at the latest on the 21st day of the current month. If the School does not receive tuition by 21st of the current month, the School reserves the right to release the allocated timeslot of the student and reassign it to another student.


  • Tuition must be paid in full to secure a spot in the Group Class. Tuition is non-refundable for any reason except documented long-term medical or family emergency. Tuition is not adjusted, credited, carried forward, transferred, or refunded due to student cancellation, absence, withdrawal, or for any reasons.

Review Tuition and Fees Information


  • Tuition payments are accepted only by credit cards, debit cards, check, or money order. The payments can be made online at SSL-secured, PCI-DSS compliant customer portal. Auto-Pay (automatic recurring payment) option is recommended. Auto-Pay makes the Life easier, it’s convenient (saves time and postage), and the payment is always on time (even if you’re out of town) eliminating being late or lose of the timeslot.
  • There is a $25.00 returned payment fee for any checks returned and credit or debit cards declined.


  • The School is closed on the following days. New Year Day (January 1st), Memorial Day (last Monday of May), Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day (first Monday of September), Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday of the week), Year-End Winter Break (December 24 – 31), or the days announced and observed by the School.
  • Tuition is not charged for Private Lessons on the Holidays. Tuition is required and charged on all other days of the year.
  • If the School is closed or Lessons are canceled due to inclement weather, or other reasons, tuition for the Lessons shall be credited to your account and applied to next required Tuition payment.
  • Private Lessons. Tuition for lessons canceled by the School shall be credited to the Student account and deducted from the invoice for the next month unless a substitution is offered on the same schedule (day and time) of the original lesson.
  • Group Classes. Group Classes canceled by the School are normally rescheduled for another day and time, except Kids-N-Babies program. If not rescheduled, discounted makeup lesson shall be offered.


Our teachers are professionals, and the School must guarantee their income and commit to paying them regardless of student attendance. Therefore, when a student misses a private lesson or group class, in all fairness, the teacher is always paid.

Students are expected to arrive on time, listen attentively, follow directions, conduct themselves well, and not be disruptive. Pre-planned Absences must be communicated to the school as early as possible in advance.


Students can cancel Private Lessons and Group Classes by email or online. Makeup shall be offered in available makeup spots (i.e., canceled timeslot of other students) ONLY if the cancellation request is made 120 minutes prior to the scheduled private lesson or group class by emailing (click here) or online (click here).

  • Any lesson canceled per the terms above shall have the opportunity to makeup the missed lesson in the available makeup spots.
  • Any session in a Group Class (except Kids-N-Babies) canceled per the terms above shall have an opportunity to receive a makeup lesson (acting/ voice/ instrument) at a discounted rate.

Private Lessons and Group Classes canceled or missed by the student are not refunded, banked, credited, carried forward, transferred, or owed to the student in any manner other than as stated here. Missed class must be made up by a private makeup lesson prior to the next scheduled group class, offered at a discounted rate.


Any actively enrolled student or the family member(s) of the actively enrolled student may schedule makeup (strictly one-on-one) with any teacher or for any instrument taught in the School subject to availability of makeup spots. The student can schedule the makeup lessons online at the Parent Portal – Enroll Tab (click here), over phone (call now) or by email (email now). Time to time, the School staff may also call or email the customers to offer makeup spots. When a lesson is canceled by the customer in advance (i.e., before the lesson start time), the timeslot goes into available makeup pool and becomes an available makeup spot that could be used by other students with makeup.

Customer may schedule up to 4 makeup lessons or the number of paid lessons in a month per enrolled program. For instance, say a student is enrolled in voice and guitar lessons, and that month has four (4) weekly lessons, this student may have the opportunity to take up to 8 makeup lessons (4 makeup for each enrolled program, 4 x Voice + 4 x Guitar = 8). On the other hand, if the month only has three (3) weekly lessons due to holidays or other reasons, the student may have the opportunity to take only up to 6 makeup lessons (3 makeup for each enrolled program, 3 x Voice + 3 x Guitar = 6) in that month.

Makeup Lesson cannot exceed the number of paid lessons in the month and cannot be scheduled

  • after the final paid recurring lesson
  • in a week for which tuition is not paid (De-enrolled)
  • in a week for which tuition is refunded or financially credited.

Makeup Lesson canceled or missed by the student is not refunded, banked, credited, carried forward, transferred, or owed to the student.


  • De-enrolling from Private Lessons. The student may de-enroll (drop out or stop lessons) from private lessons at the end of any calendar month by writing to the School. If tuition payment is already made in full for the following month, tuition for lessons after 14 days will be credited to the student account for future use, but will not be refunded.
  • De-enrolling from Group Class. Please consider your schedule carefully before registering. Stopping from Group Class is detrimental to the entire class. Tuition is non-refundable for any reason except documented long-term medical or family emergency.


  • All Students, Parents, and other guests are requested to be courteous, calm and conduct themselves well with all the members of the School community.
  • Students are expected to arrive on time, attentive, compliant, and well behaved.
  • A student will be given a verbal advice for disruptive or inattentive behavior in a group class. If repeated, the student will be seated to observe the remainder of the class and will be asked to schedule a private makeup lesson or may be dismissed from class if repeated.
  • Any use of profanity, verbally abusive communication, inappropriate physical contact, aggressive or threatening behavior, damage to School facility or equipment, or conduct which could be upsetting to others by parents or students may result in dismissal from the School without refund of tuition.
  • Tardiness and absences to any class are detrimental to the student personally and the entire School community. Repeated absences, being tardy, inattentive, unpracticed, unprepared and engaging in unacceptable behavior towards staff, other students, or guests may result in change and reduction in the role and may be dismissed from the class without refund.


The School routinely develops new contents, records audio, takes photos and videos of students, their activities, and performances for quality assurance, training, publishing, and promotional purposes. The School also obtains testimonials, endorsements, surveys, likeliness from its customers like you. The School reserves the right to use and publish such content and media in brochures, posters, websites, social media, and publications. When enrolling, you grant the School the right to use such media and content without identifying the student personally by name. You can request to opt-out by writing to us. The School is firmly committed to your privacy and will make the best effort to honor your opt-out request as possible. However, the opt-out request may not be honored in case of content and media that include our staff, guest(s), and other students.


By enrolling in the programs, you permit the School, its owners, operators, and employees to seek care for the participant if the parent or guardian is not reachable.

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