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We offer formal instruction in playing any musical instrument, singing and acting for all ages above 3. Our Students meet with their instructor for one-on-one training sessions for 30 minutes once a week all through the year.

  • Pre-K Music Lessons (ages 3 – 5). Our Pre-K music lessons focus on foundational elements of child development and love for music through rhythm, pitch, and musical forms.
  • Music Instruments and Voice Lessons (ages 5 – Adult). Our Instrument and Voice Lessons focus on musical skill mastery and advancement. We offer lessons in Voice, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Saxophone and much more. Our students have the opportunity year around to perform in Recitals and Concert at our theater and other public venues.
  • Acting Lessons (ages 6 – 16). Our Acting Lessons focus on incorporating all the key elements of acting, improvisation and performing arts.

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StageArtz holds three (3) Recitals each year, in Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Recitals are conducted at the theater within our facility with professionally installed PA and Lighting systems. We invite all our Students to participate in all the Recitals and other Performance opportunities for to progress, evolve and achieve artistic skill mastery. Performing in the Recitals does not require additional tuition for the actively enrolled students. Admission to the Recitals in our theater is free for the family and friends of the performers.


We offer formal instruction in performing arts, Rock Band, and Ensembles every season throughout the year. Groups are formed based on their age and skill set, and classes will take place in a fun-filled interactive environment. At the end of each season, our group students will perform at our theater and other public venues.

  • Rock Band. We offer Rock Band classes for ages 8 – 17. Our Rock Band Instructors focus on educating the dynamics and skills for playing with a group of musicians that culminates into a performance at the end of each season.
  • Ensemble. We offer Percussion, String, and Keyboard Ensemble classes for kids of age 8 – 17. Our Instructors focus on the necessary skills, tools, and rules of making music with other musicians. All our ensemble classes conclude with a performance at the end of each season.
  • A Cappella.We offer A Cappella classes for ages 8 – 17. Our professional and innovative A Cappella Instructors focus on helping the students to refine, improve and discover new skills. All our A Cappella classes conclude with a performance at the end of each season. (A Cappella defined – A Cappella music is specifically group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniments.)


Our teachers build a foundational understanding of the structure of music leveraging Method Books, Techniques, and Repertoire.

  • Curriculum. Developmental focused Curriculum on achieving skill mastery and advancement.
  • Music Literacy. Develop literacy of Music Theory, Notes, Rhythms, Chords, and Scales.
  • Proficiency. Develop proficiency in appropriate techniques, learning styles and skills.
  • Performance. Opportunity to gain experience playing and performing as a musician.
  • Musicianship. Imparting knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing music.


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