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When a lesson is canceled by the customer in advance (i.e., before the lesson start time), the time slot goes into available makeup pool and could be used by other students. We make best efforts to schedule makeup lessons into time slots canceled by other students by fairly distributing it among all our students. Thank you for providing us advance notice of your cancellation. If you used Makeup in the past, this is a way of thanking someone and paying it forward.

Students can cancel Private Lessons and Group Classes. Makeup credit will be offered only if the cancellation request is made here in this form as early as possible and at the least 120 minutes before the scheduled private lesson or group class.

Make-up credit entitles a student to receive

  • A makeup lesson when a student canceled a private lesson
  • A makeup lesson (acting/voice/instrument) at a discounted rate when a student missed a day of a group class

Private Lessons and Group Classes canceled or missed by the student are not refunded, banked, credited, carried forward, transferred, or owed to the student in any manner regardless of reason or notice of the cancellation.

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